CRM HTML Editor – Capture Formatted Text in CRM

This is a complementary product, offered at no cost. This lightweight HTML Editor allows you to capture formatted text within text fields in Dynamics CRM. Formatting text makes it easier to read if you have a field that contains a large amount of information (such as product descriptions). This is also useful if the field content is published to a website or merged into the body of an email.

How to use

After installing the solution, all that needs to be done, is to add the web resource file to the form that you want to capture the formatted content on, and link it to the field that will store the formatted text.

Below are the instructions on how this is achieved, which looks at converting the description field on the Contact entity (under personal notes) to an HTML editable field. This is done as follows:

1. Edit the form

Open the form in the CRM form editor. In order to do this, browse to any record in CRM for the entity you wish to capture formatted text for, to view the form. Then select the form icon on the ribbon. If you don’t see the form icon then you don’t have sufficient privileges to be able to do this – contact your CRM administrator. For our example we have opened a contact record:


2. Add the editor to the form

It is important to ensure that the field you will be managing formatted text for, is added to the form, and is hidden on the form. So the first step is to locate the field that the information will be save to – this field will be converted to an HTML editor.


The next step is to hide the field. To do this we double-click the field (or click to select the field and then click Change Properties button on ribbon). Then on the popup window we uncheck the Visible by default. While on the properties page for the field, click on the Details tab and note the field name in the Name field – we will need this later. Click OK to apply the change.


We can now add the editor control to the form. On the INSERT tab on the ribbon click the Web Resource button.


Then fill out the properties as shown below. In the Web resource field enter eve_htmleditor.html. The Name and Label fields should refer to the field the editor relates to. You also need to enter the field name noted previously into the Custom Parameter (data) field. Another setting worth updating is the Number of Rows field on the Formatting tab – will be a good idea to set this to 10 or more rows. Click OK to apply the settings, and add the editor control to the form.


3. Save and Publish

To make the change available in CRM we need to Save and Publish. So first save the form by clicking the Save button on the ribbon. Once the save has completed, we can publish by clicking the Publish button on the ribbon.

4. Preview your changes

Now when browsing to the form in CRM, you will be able enter formatted text within the personal notes setion. Hope you like it… let us know what you think!



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