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Simple click configuration

This easy to setup AutoNumber plugin for Dynamics CRM allows you to generate autonumbers for any entity in CRM, including out-of-box entities and custom entities… with just a few simple clicks. This plugin is highly efficient and is enabled only for entities you want to assign autonumbers on, so won’t slow down your CRM system. It also works with both text and number fields. It also runs under the admin account so there is no complicated security roles to configure.

With this plugin you are able to:

  • Generate alpha numeric coding for text fields and number sequencing for number fields
  • Specify your own record prefix, suffix, and number length by entity
  • Easy to enable on any updateable entity in CRM using the built in configuration screen (no programming or CRM configuration skills needed)
  • Only run if an autonumber is not provided. This allows you to provide your own autonumbers for imported records or external system records

How to use

After installing the solution, all that needs to be done, is to enable for the entity you wish to generate autonumbers for. This is done as follows:

1. Browse to the AutoNumber config screen

In CRM under the Settings area click on AutoNumber item to open the config screen.

CRM AutoNumber Generator Menu

2. Enable Plugin for your entities

This will bring you to the configuration screen, which shows all published entities that you can configure auto-numbering on. To enable auto-numbering for an entity, simply click on the row in the list to open the config dialog.

CRM AutoNumber Generator Configuration Screen

You can then enter the setting for generating the autonumber. You can select either text fields or number fields. For number field, the only option is specifying the starting value. The form needs to be filled out as follows:

  1. Preview: Readonly and displays an example of the number that will be generated
  2. Field: Field that the generated number will be stored in. If you select a number field here, you will only be able to specify the start number
  3. Prefix: Characters to append to the start of the autonumber
  4. Suffix: Characters to append to the end of the autonumber
  5. Start Number: Initial number that the first record will be assigned
  6. Number Length: AutoNumber will be prefixed with zeros to ensure it is a fixed length
  7. Status: To enabled and disable the plugin
CRM AutoNumber Generator Text Options

Options for Text fields

CRM AutoNumber Generator Number Options

Options for Number fields

After saving the settings, the plugin will be turned on and will automatically start assigning autonumbers for the entity.

CRM AutoNumber Generator List Screen After Edit

After creating a couple of Contact records we can see our autonumbers being generated…

CRM AutoNumber Generator Results


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