Cloud Store Pro – Reduce Dynamics 365 Online storage by 70%

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Reaching your storage limit? Reduce Dynamics 365 Online storage usage and database size by up to 70%*. This Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Attachment Storage plugin seamlessly integrates with Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365, and automates the storage of attachments (for emails, notes and other activities) in SharePoint. Just enter your SharePoint details and let this plugin do the rest. No need for the users to do anything different – absolutely no change in user experience! Use the standard config or configure to transfer the record SharePoint location (to centralise all attachments for a case for example).

Reduce Dynamics 365 Online storage usage and database size

By default CRM stores all attachments within the CRM database, and if your organisation is like most that track emails, you soon see your CRM database swell in size. This not only slows down the database but makes backups (and restore, if you run multiple environments) of your CRM database tricky. If you are a Dynamics 365 user, this will mean that you will soon reach your 5GB limit.

Benefits of using this plugin

  • Much smaller database size
  • Keep within your usage limits for CRM Online users
  • Increased database performance if you track emails with many or large attachments
  • Smaller CRM database backups and restores
  • Incredibly simple to setup
  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM
  • Embedded email images & forward email functionality continue to work as they did before
  • Run in real time or on a schedule
  • Archive existing attachments using the accompanying Bulk Transfer Tool
  • Add workflows with your own logic e.g. store all case documents in a central location
  • Ability to search attachments in SharePoint

Who is this plugin for?

This plugin is essential for all Dynamics CRM users that track emails or upload note attachments, and is a must for Dynamics CRM Online users. It works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 or later, and SharePoint 2013 or later, both on-premise and online.

How does this plugin work?

This plugin is registered on the CRM server and runs every time an attachment is saved or retrieved, and manages the upload and download to SharePoint. This plugin can be configured to run in real-time (as attachments are uploaded), or can be run on a schedule to move older attachments, or attachments that meet defined rules to SharePoint. Plugin can also be triggered from your own solutions if required.

* Depends on the size of attachments on your CRM database

Reduce Dynamics 365 Online storage


  • Alan

    After using a number of third party tools including the one developed by Microsoft I have found this solution to be excellent. The ability to run it both in a passive and active mode is very well implemented and allows us to keep the attachments inside of CRM storage for a period of time before using the bulk transfer tool to migrate them to SharePoint. I have also found the development and support team to be fantastic and very responsive.

    Great product and great team!

  • Chris

    Great product, we only wish we had found it sooner. Support are extremely helpful and very quick to respond as well. 10/10

  • Ravi

    We have been looking for a product to move the attachments in MS CRM to Sharepoint. There are couple of other products in the market. This one is simple to setup and the Bulk migration tool easy to use. Support is Excellent. We have implemented Cloud Store in our Environment.